Session Day In Nottinghamshire


I will be holding another private ProDomme “one-on-one” session day at the private and discrete Nottinghamshire country house and grounds on:

Tuesday the 22nd of July
(spaces ARE limited!)

Themes covered at the Nottinghamshire house this time will include:

Equestrian Domination (Riding Mistress), Bitch Business Lady (and secretarial), Maid Training together with most things covered on my”interests page”. If you have any special requests please text after you have sent your deposit (first time visitors only of course) and we can make the necessary arrangements.

Click HERE for more details!

I am flying back out to Palma a couple of days later but I plan to have one or two more days available at the Nottinghamshire country house *if* I fly back for a few days later on in August!

I also want to arrange a day at a fully equipped central London Dungeon during August as well but I will not know the date for this until nearer to the time when I know when I will be back in the UK.

ProDomme Sessions With Lady Sonia!

I had my first “professional” ProDomme session back in 1983 when I lived in East Sussex and then later after moving to fully equipped chambers in Lincolnshire I eventually stopped in 2000 as I was too busy with my site and other projects to be ble to carry on.

I eventually started to session again in private with one or two friends from my earlier ProDomme days in the summer of 2013 and then after going to a few private parties this year I have got the bug again and I want to play with new people,

I have always lived around around the equine lifestyle so I am well used to having control and my own interests in Femdom revolve around the sensual exhibitionist side of my femininity but don’t make the mistake of thinking that I don’t have a strong sadistic streak as well!

Some men have a strong desire to be controlled and have a strong desire to turn their fantasies into reality and being able to understand the mind of the submissive male and push him to his limits is a fascination that I have never lost and I now have a worldwide reputation!

My Personal Fun – Gang Bang Parties…


 Loads of people have asked about this so I thought I would tell you all about it here. A few years ago I went to my very first “Gang Bang” party (Black Man’s Fan Club at the Hellfire Club in Sunbury-On-Thames and even though I was VERY nervous I had a LOT of fun and I was well and truly hooked! :-)

We arrived at the venue at 11pm and the party was already in full swing. I think (it was a little while ago now) that there was about thirty couples, quite a few single ladies and a LOT of single black guys waiting for the fun to start. The couples were mostly lifestyle “Cuckold” couples and there were a few couples where the husband just liked to watch his wife having fun and what I thought was a surprising number of single women between the ages of about twenty one and forty five from all walks of life who were obviously “BBC” enthusiasts just along for as much fun as possible.

The club was great with a very big first floor dance floor and drinks bar (you bring your own alcohol along to the parties) with several open bedrooms leading off (so that people could watch) and then downstairs there was a movie theatre and a BDSM room and also a room with a huge 4×4 parked for those who wanted to have car fun in complete safety.

There were BBC’s of all types and descriptions and they are definitely NOT shy! No ifs or buts, everyone knew why they were there and that was to have ALL of the fun that you wanted as and when you wanted.

I was recognised almost straight away (which is great :-) ) and I/we were soon in one of the open bedrooms leading off of the dance floor with an absolutely fabulous muscular young black guy (who came straight up and asked me) and we fucked on the bed with a small audience for the best part of an hour. I had a drink and chatted to a few people and then ended up in another open bedroom (with a LOT of people watching) with five young guys and then after another short recovery break another two young black guys who took it in turns for the best part of another hour.

Another “BMFC” party venue which was great is the Arousal Club in Bedfordshire which I enjoy a LOT… Its ALWAYS packed with LOADS of people and apart from an excellent dance floor and bar there are several themed rooms and a fantastic “Gloryhole” room where you have no idea at all who you are having fun with! Our first time here we teamed up with another couple that we met pretty soon after arriving and shortly after I teamed up with her (she was a stunning blonde shop manager in her mid thirties) and we were led into a large closed bedroom by twelve 25 year old to 35 year old HUGE black guys (two more joined us after an hour) who kept the pair of us “entertained” from midnight until nearly 3am in the morning!

The third REALLY good venue is a HUGE house set in big grounds in Radlett in Hertfordshire complete with a huge pool house and this party is the biggest that I have ever been to! The first time we went I was taken into a large “group” bedroom by two HUGE black guys and there were already three other married ladies on the huge bed and there was also a VERY large audience too! The best fun of all though was in the huge open attic with one young black guy who was a REALL stud! Apart from being absolutely HUGE (easily over ten inches but I didn’t have a tape measure with me at the time…) and he fucked me VERY hard in just about every possible position for over two hours and even made me squirt VERY hard while about thirty other people watched!

We always arrive at Radlett at about 11pm and never leave before 4am and ALWAYS have a ball! :-)

If you are a couple, single lady or even a BBC of course I can thoroughly recommend the BMFC (, its run by a fabulous lady who is a REAL BBC enthusiast and she knows how to run just about the ULTIMATE BBC party in complete safety so that a lady can REALLY enjoy herself! If you join the club (which is free of course) there is a full event list and even a forum too where you can find out more. You have a cuckold fantasy or want to watch as your wife has ALL the fun that its possible to handle well you really have no excuse not to make it happen! From handjobs, blowjobs through to several guys at once and of course anal too! You only live once after all!

We have made LOADS of friends through the BMFC parties I have had HUGE fun from one-on-one right through to twelve guys at al time (with about a seven day recovery period after lol) and I love EVERY second!

Sonia xx


My Personal Fun – Gang Bang Parties…

Hertfordshire “Fetish” Party Last Night…

2013-12-05 21.32.142013-12-05 21.32.17

2013-12-05 21.32.122013-12-05 21.32.09

Just caught up on a few hours sleep here now so I thought I would tell you about the Hertfordshire “Femdom & Fetish” party last night. We have not been to this party for many years and it was great to be able to catch up with old friends and make a few new friends too. The party is predominantly for couples into Femdom but last night there were quite a few single guys there as well which I think is a big improvement over our last visit. Couples parties are ok but you really need at least ten to fifteen single guys that the fifteen to twenty couples there can take their pick from to play with too.

We arrived at 11.30pm (the parties there always start at 11pm) and when we arrived everyone was in the huge Victorian orangery having drinks and chatting. We spent the first two hours catching up with old friends and chatting to a few new friends to and then we went up to the first floor to look around. There was a couple (Dominant wife – voyeur/cuckold husband) “playing” with a single guy in his thirties. The single guy was tied face down on a huge old four poster bed naked and the wife (really beautifully elegant housewife in her early fifties) was dressed in just black fully fashioned nylons, black patent 5-inch spike heeled strap sandals and nothing else at all and she was using a long thin bamboo cane on guys bottom and the backs of his thighs REALLY viciously! The sounds of the swish of the cane and then the reaction from the guy tied to the bed was really fabulous in the large old bedroom!

The guys punishment lasted for about thirty minutes and then he was turned over and re-secured to the bed naked on his back and she sat on his face with her hands on the huge old oak headboard so she had her back to us and she rode his tongue until she orgasmed VERY hard twice. After her second orgasm had died down she pressed down onto the guys face smothering him and then lifting to let him breathe several times then she got off of the bed and took the waiting condom from her cuckold husbands waiting hand and then after getting the guy in bondage VERY hard with both her hand and her mouth the condom was rolled onto him and she rode him VERY hard switching positions so that she was facing him and then facing away from him for about fifteen minutes while she orgasmed VERY hard and loud and then she rode him hard and fast until he filled the condom with his own orgasm.

After getting off of the bed she removed the now VERY full condom and handed it to her husband once more then she spent a really delicious few minutes cleaning up the tied guys cock with her mouth before going back to her husband and kissing him VERY passionately with her tongue deep inside his mouth so that he was forced to taste the guys cum!

We walked past a few more rooms where people were playing and then came across a room with a couple (another cuckold husband) with younger guy tied and blindfolded on the floor using fully fashioned nylons to secure his wrists and ankles and another fully fashioned stocking was wrapped around his head and eyes so that he couldn’t see anything. He had the most beautiful large thick cock with a lovely pronounced curve so when I was asked if I would ‘like a ride?’ I took off my skirt (no panties of course) while the wife stretched a condom onto his wonderful big cock then I stepped over him and moved myself down to ‘mount’ him facing his head with the couple and my husband watching from behind.

I was already VERY wet (I usually am…) so the tip of his beautiful cock slipped into my tight entrance and then I moved up and down slowly taking more and more of him into me until I was sitting on his waist with his entire cock inside me. When I was all the way down onto him I just sat there squeezing his shaft hard with my tight muscles so that I could feel him spasm with excitement inside me before fucking up and down on his VERY hard for about fifteen minutes like riding a race horse at a gallop until he eventually filled the condom inside me. I enjoyed two WONDERFUL orgasms riding him as I was watched!

Next we went back down to the orangery and bumped into a couple that we hadn’t seen for about five years and caught up with them until about 2.30am and then we were taken out to the huge old building which was the ‘pool house’ and I was introduced to a naked guy in his early twenties blindfolded and tied naked spread-eagle on the shower ‘wet room’ floor on his back and I was told that this was the ‘ladies pee room’ for the duration of the party! I needed to pee so took the opportunity to straddle him and lift my skirt so that I could pee all over his already VERY well used limp cock!

Up on the second floor three couples (one a VERY respectable looking bank manager and his wife) were all fucking together with two more younger single VERY large black guys guys as well and we watched for a while and then I was ‘invited’ by another HUGE muscular black guy in his thirties into the room next door where I stripped for him and my husband and another couple we had never met before watched him fuck me VERY hard (in various positions…) with his HUGE ten inch cock! He had enormous stamina and fucked me for almost a full hour (and numerous orgasms…) until I was just about worn out!

It took me about twenty minutes and two glasses of wine to recover (he REALLY exhausted me! lol) then we sat downstairs with a few others chatting for a while. At about 4am a friend suggested that as I enjoy being watched as I masturbate so much perhaps I would like to put on a little show for everyone and as I had ‘just about’ recovered by then I agreed (in fact I was VERY excited by the suggestion) so we went up to one of the large first floor bedroom and I took off my blouse, skirt and bra watched by about twenty people and then laid down on the beautiful old low single bed in the middle of the room and fingered myself and massaged my clit to two more wonderful orgasms while several of the guys masturbated (or were masturbated by their wives) as they watched! I could hear several guys gasping and cumming as they watched me and then just as I was in the throws of my second and most powerful orgasm one of the husbands in his late forties started to cum and he managed to shoot all over me from my thighs, tummy, over one breast and nipple and right up to my chin from eight feet away!

Wonderful, wonderful absolute decadence at its very best and we will be going back again in a few weeks time!

Sonia xx

My Very First Ever “Deep Throat”…

lady_sonia_15 lady_sonia_16 lady_sonia_69

1982 just before I got married I got a lift home from a nightclub from an older guy who was married to a friend of a friend. We ended up back at my place and one thing leading to another we were on the sofa kissing and his hands were all over me then he unzipped himself and let his cock free (it must have been about nine inches) and put my hand onto it and then after he asked me to stand up and take off my dress I sat back down next to him and moved my mouth down onto his cock…

He put his hands onto my head and gradually eased me further and further down onto him as I sucked him and very soon the tip of his cock was touching the back of my throat… Slowly and gradually he pushed with his hips and pulled me down more and more firmly then he told me to push my tongue out along the underside of his shaft and then he pulled me down a little more and the smooth hard tip of his cock slowly eased into my throat!

It was pretty uncomfortable at first as he was so big… I had to breathe through my nose and I could feel his throbbing stretching my throat gently completely filling it… It only lasted a few moments before he was cumming and I could feel his hard thick jets shooting straight down my throat and as he was cumming he pushed himself further and further in!

I cleaned him up with my mouth then he went down on me and made me cum VERY hard then we went into my bedroom and fucked for a full hour!

That was the first time and I had a sore throat after for a week!

Sonia xx

Revenge Can Be So Much Fun…


Samantha James is a complete fucking bitch it has to be said… Sly little digs at several of my personal friends… Flirting outrageously with my husband at EVERY opportunity that she gets… According to her constant reminders her horse is so special when compared to anyone else’s (even though she rides like she has a four inch butt-plug in firmly place under her jodhpurs)… But when she remarked that I looked good in red (when I was wearing a blue low cut dress) I had just about had enough of her…

First of all I fucked her son in her marital bed (twice) at his birthday party while she and her husband were downstairs entertaining the guests with her endless stories of the success of her latest book… Then by complete chance I found out through a personal “ProDomme” friend of mine that her husband had been booking “sessions” with her in secret while his wife was away! The PERFECT opportunity for a little more revenge was placed straight into my lap!

His latest “session” was arranged while Samantha was in Edinburgh at a book signing and as he was FAR too special (or stupid?) to go for his session at my ProDomme friends “facilities” and had insisted upon her visiting him at their family stable I was able to make my own very special little arrangements…

The “session” was arranged for twelve midday and when I discretely arrived on horseback my ProDomme friend had already secured him to the large wooden fence at the secluded rear of his house… His wrists, elbows and upper arms were outstretched across the top of the fence and tied VERY tightly in place with rope and a wooden leg-spreader bar was secured to his ankles over his black leather riding boots keeping his feet eighteen inches apart… Dressed in a white riding shirt and jodhpurs (he is FAR too much of a coward to have his naked flesh whipped) and wearing a tight leather hood which encased his entire head apart from a carefully stitched hole for his mouth and a large black cock shaped ball gag strapped firmly into place to keep him silent…

As soon as I arrived my ProDomme friend smiled and we kissed very quietly then as she walked away and he could hear the engine of her Porsche start and then pull slowly out of the gravel driveway I could see his struggling desperately against the fence trying to pull away in complete panic! Of course the ropes had been expertly tied so he was COMPLETELY helpless and having no idea that he hadn’t been left alone I enjoyed watching him struggle in sheer panic for a few minutes…

He tried to speak but the black cock shaped gag filled his mouth completely and his outstretched arms were unable to move at all… I slowly walked up to him and put my leather gloved hand upon his shoulder which made him jump at first and then I could see the relief allowing him to relax thinking that it had all been a part of the “session” and my ProDomme friend hadn’t really left at all…

I let him relax for a few moments watching his heavy breathing past the huge gag in his mouth settle down again and then I carefully knelt down beside him and opened first the button at the top of his jodhpurs and then very very slowly eased down the zip… Now I already knew that his little “sessions” only consisted of a little verbal humiliation together with a light hand spanking over his jodhpurs so this was obviously something of a surprise to him… And then when I stood and moved behind him and then used my hands to carefully ease his jodhpurs down as far as they would go to the middle of his thighs he still kept perfectly still with no idea of what was going to happen… When his jodhpurs were down I quickly and roughly jerked his rather amusing little white Calvin Klein “posing pouch” underwear down as well leaving him completely exposed!

Trying to turn his head around towards me in panic I again knelt down beside him almost laughed (I had to be VERY careful that he didn’t hear me) at his ridiculous little shrilled up cock pushing out limply in front of him no more than two inches long… Using just the finger tip and thumb of my leather gloved hand it took me just a moment to expertly stroke him to a FULL erection and as soon as he was as hard as a rock I took out my iPhone and snapped a couple of photos of his now ridged little five inch uncircumcised cock… I smiled at myself as I saw what Samantha had to amuse herself with during her entire twenty year marriage!

The sound of my iPhone camera clicking away at him once more induced a panic but this soon died down when I wrapped my leather clad fingers around his miserable little shaft and started to wank him slowly yet firmly… His hooded head dropped down and started to move from side to side but as my expert stroking got faster and faster his head stayed still and I could hear his breathing getting heavier and heavier as he gasped around the large gag strapped into his mouth… In just moments a huge rope of clear precum leaked out of his now gaping “cum slit” and fell to the ground in front of him and as I could feel him start to throb in my and and try to pump his hips in time with me I stroked him harder and harder relentlessly! I waited and waited for JUST the right moment… I could hear him suck in a huge lung full of air and then stiffen and then just as his cock throbbed at the beginning of his orgasm reached for my iPhone again and moved my “milking” hand away from his solid little cock to completely ruin his orgasm…

The beep of my iPhone video camera went off just as a huge jet of cum shot from his now free ridged cock as the tip swung up and down in time with his thrusting into thin air all PERFECTLY caught on video! His legs trembling as his hard thrusts into thin air tried to give him the pleasure that he so desperately needed! A small pool of warm semen now soaked the sandy ground in front of him slowly soaking away and just leaving a wet patch on the ground…

I put my iPhone back into the front pocket of my jodhpurs and then I walked over to the stable building behind us and found a VERY vicious long thin dressage whip on a table next to a saddle and it looked a LOT more interesting than the small riding crop that I had ridden over to the house with myself… When I got back to him he was still panting and confused so as I stood just to the left of him and swished the dressage crop hard through the air next to his ear so that he could hear the loud swish very clearly his entire body went ridged once more in panic! I positioned myself very carefully and then with ALL of my strength and a HUGE backstroke I brought the vicious long thin whip down across both of his exposed bottom cheeks and he almost broke the huge fence as his entire body jumped in agony and a long bright red stripe appeared across his now trembling bottom!

Leaving at least thirty seconds between every stroke to catch my breath from the exertion and also to enjoy watching his furious agony and hear the desperate screams escaping past his gag I gave him six of the hardest whip strokes I have ever given ANY man and I enjoyed EVERY delicious second! After the sixth stroke I looked down and admired the six thin red lines across his naked bottom then I walked back to the stable and replaced the dressage whip…

I walked back towards him slowly and watched his trembling body… He was still gasping loudly past the gaga when I took my iPhone from my pocket and clicked off a couple more photos of my handiwork then I took the thin leather riding glove from my right hand and knelt down just to the right of him… His cock was now shrivelled once more but still leaking cum from his ruined orgasm so I forced him to full erection once more with my gloved left hand on his shaft being very careful not to get any of him mess on my expensive glove then when he was fully solid once more I removed my left glove and pulled his still lose oversized foreskin up and used my right hand to gather some sand up to carefully pour into it…

He had no idea what was happening at first but by the time I had filled his foreskin completely it was quite obviously uncomfortable especially when I pulled his lose foreskin away from him hard so that I could grip the sand filled skin tightly over his tip closing it off completely and then pinched it VERY hard to stop any of the sand escaping! As I gripped his sand bloated foreskin with the finger tips of my right hand I now started to masturbate him VERY hard and fast with my left hand… He squirmed and gasped in agony as the rough sand filled foreskin rasped up and down over stupid little the tip of his cock but his discomfort eased as his pleasure started to grow and then after just about thirty seconds more he went ridged once more and his second orgasm started… With perfect timing I moved both of my hands off of him quickly so that once more his orgasm was ruined and his cock was left jerking up and down in thin air in front of him jetting little spurts of cum and leaking sand down out of his now released foreskin…

I could hear his desperate cries of: ‘no… NO!’ past the tightly strapped gag as his powerful but ruined orgasm went unsatisfied and the the tip of his cock was now completely red raw!

I clicked off a couple more iPhone photos of his now sand covered red raw leaking cock then I walked back over to the stables to wash my hands… I remounted my horse and slowly rode away laughing to myself leaving him there for one or two of his wife’s friends to find him when she or they turned up to ride out later…

Sonia xx

The Video Shoot… And A Pee Too…


For the second outdoor video shoot last week we drove out into the countryside just east of Nottingham and found a footpath running through some woods to explore… We shot a ‘nude sunbathing’ scene and then a scene where I was dressed rather prim and proper in skirt, blouse, fully fashioned nylons and heels and then we found a nice discrete spot in a clearing to video me masturbating with my fingers. ALL of my orgasms on my site are REAL (VERY important to me!) and I had just made myself cum twice VERY hard and then it was time to walk back to the car again.

I got dressed and we walked back to the path but by now I was DESPERATE to pee! My video cameraman suggested that I find a private spot in the trees to relieve myself (which I was going to have to do…) but then he suggested that he recorded it on video too! Now I am not shy but this is something I have NEVER done on video EVER but I thought why not and so we walked into a smaller clearing to do it…

The camera guy got ready and started to record and I walked over to a large tree and carefully slipped out of my little white panties and then standing with my back to the tree and my skirt pulled right up and my feet apart I pee’d for the very first time ever with the video camera recording everything! <red face> lol

Sonia xx

The Bondage Party…


The party last week was in a huge old country house in Hertfordshire (which is always a nightmare to get to!) and the parties are held by an older couple once a month but I only usually get to go along to a few every year and they are great fun even if I sometimes only go along to watch and catch up with news with friends.

I had been “playing” with one of the younger girls from my website (mentioning no names in the interests of discretion but she is in the “Fetish Video Library” section) and she had me tied up on an old Victorian leather sofa in one of the huge old second floor bedrooms. I was wearing a pair of black patent spike heels and a pair of Wolford “barely black” sheer to waist pantyhose (no skirt or panties), a formal white button front blouse and a black quarter-cup bra. My wrists were tied VERY tightly behind my back and I was on my side with my ankles and knees tied together tightly (my bottom facing into the room towards the door) and she had used a rope to pull my knees right up into my chest wrapped around the back of my neck.

“P” had tied me and then had used a Hitachi mains powered vibrator to make me cum VERY hard twice! As my legs were tied together very hard she was able to ease the tip of the vibrator up between my legs from behind and then against my clit through the thin luxurious nylon and my thighs kept it in place with me unable to do ANYTHING to move it as it tormented my hypersensitive clit until she was finished with me…

After about half an hour she switched the vibrator off at the mains plug but left it still firmly wedged between my thighs and the she told me that she was going down for a glass of champagne and that she would be back a little later! I protested and told her to untie me first but she just left the room laughing and closed the door behind her!

I heard her footsteps walking away towards the stairs and I started to try to move myself across the sofa trying to look a ‘bit’ more dignified (impossible…) and then I tried to pull my wrists free from the smooth white rope binding my wrists so tightly (again impossible…) and then lastly I tried to dislodge the tip of the Hitachi vibrator from my clit which was just impossible no matter how I tried helplessly to move! I just had to give up and wait for her to return!

After about ten minutes I could hear footsteps and then the hand on the door turned the old brass knob slowly and the door opened… I was just about to launch into a tirade of angry abuse at “P” for leaving me when the light went out and the door closed and I could hear footsteps coming towards me across the antique carpet and then stop right next to the sofa in the darkness… I shouted angrily: ‘Who is it? Who are you??’ then a hand touched my pantyhose covered thighs and slowly moved up until the hand was felling my bottom and I was totally helpless to do ANYTHING about it! I shouted: ‘GET OFF OF ME!’ then the hand lifted and came back down with a HUGE slap across my left bottom cheek! I let out a little scream and gasped: ‘Fuck!’ as I caught my breath and a voice said: ‘Just keep your fucking mouth shut and I will be done and gone in a few minutes!’

I shouted: ‘WHO ARE YOU??’ and again he slapped my bottom VERY hard and made his point! He turned and walked away towards the door then the light went back on and I saw that it was the husband of one of the women at the party downstairs… A tall guy of about fifty with grey hair and a very expensive suit and his eyes were ALL OVER ME!! I tried to pull on the ropes but it was hopeless, “P” had tied me perfectly and I just couldn’t move even an inch!

He looked at the powerful Hitachi vibrator which was still lodged between my thighs and he smiled and leaned down and switched the power back on… I jumped as the Hitachi was already on full power and my hypersensitive clit was still VERY VERY sensitive from the previous two orgasms! I gasped and shouted: ‘NOOOOO!’ but he just looked down and smiled as he watched me trying to wriggle it free with no success at all… I was already drenched from the first two orgasms and it took just moments for another orgasm but this one the third was going to be MUCH more powerful! I stopped struggling as it was hopeless and just gritted my teeth in the hope that I wouldn’t make too much noise giving him even more satisfaction than I needed… But that was completely hopeless too… As I got right to the very edge I gasped loudly and then it was so powerful that I struggled to catch my breath! Panting VERY hard, gasping and crying out! The stranger just looked down and laughed at me! My orgasm completely took over my entire body and I was still panting like crazy after it passed! He just looked down smiling knowing how it was tormenting my SUPER SENSITIVE clit now and I started to beg him to switch it off! I was desperate!!!!!

He just laughed and said that it was now his turn so if I was ready for him to have his turn he would switch the powerful Hitachi off… I had no choice but to agree as my clit was now THROBBING so hard I could hardly breathe at all! He leaned down and switched it off then he carefully pulled the vibrator away from between my legs and let it fall to the floor then he put his hand back onto my pantyhose covered bottom and stroked me then his fingers moved down between my legs and his fingers traced my soak pantyhose gusset as he explored my pussy… He stroked my lips up to my clit which made me jump and he laughed again then his finger moved back and explored my tight bottom hole gently trying to finger it through the thin luxurious Wolford pantyhose…

He did this for a few minutes then he stood back up and unzipped then he released his rock hard heavily veined seven inch cock and he started to stroke himself slowly… He moved closer and then knelt on the sofa next to me so that he was stroking himself with the wet slippery heavily leaking tip just inches from my face… His left hand now exploring my pantyhose covered pussy and bottom once more as he masturbated himself!

He said: ‘Do you want me to put the vibrator back again?’ and I begged him not to so he said: ‘Push out your tongue and clean me then or I will put it back and leave you here!’

I had no choice… I slowly pushed out my tongue and he wiped himself onto it as he continued wanking himself slowly… As soon as my warm touched his salty wet tip he gasped and squeezed himself hard so that the tip throbbed against me… He fingered be both vaginally and anally easing the pantyhose material into me for a few minutes then he said: ‘Open WIDE!’ so I did, I had very little choice! Then he shot four VERY hard jets of hot cum straight into my mouth! I had no choice but to swallow as I didn’t want to let it run down all over me and then as I opened my mouth after he pushed his tip straight into it and had me clean him up!

It took about two minutes to0 clean him up fully (as he wanted) then he zipped himself up and said: ‘Well I had better go back down to see if my wife has missed me yet…’ and he want back out of the door and closed it behind him and I could hear him going down the stairs…

“P” came back about five minutes later and I could see from the look on her face that she had arranged everything!

Sonia xx

The Taxi Driver…


I am a little late with my diary due to the Bank Holiday weekend so I had better catch up now…

I had a night out with the girls on Friday night at the Café de Paris in Leicester Square and I left at about 1am to meet my husband at the hotel he had booked in Islington (he had been at a business meeting) so I climbed into the first taxi in the queue and asked the driver to take me to the hotel… Then things were going perfectly until I suddenly realised that I had left my purse and my phone in a friends handbag back at the club! We often do this as its a lot easier than trying to look after a handbag if you are going to dance… So there I was in the back of a HUGE black guys taxi, almost back to the hotel and no money to pay!

Of course I could have made an excuse and gone into the hotel to get some money from my husband… But what if he wasn’t back yet? What if he was asleep?? VERY embarrassing…

Just at that moment we pulled into the road that the hotel was in and as he slowed down I said: ‘Look… This is VERY embarrassing but I have forgotten my purse!’

The HUGE black guy looked at me through his rear view mirror and said: ‘How are you going to pay?’ I replied: ‘I’m not really sure…’ I was just about to suggest that I went in and asked my husband when he said: ‘You have nothing at all?’ I waited a moment and then said: ‘ Only me…’

He looked into the rear view mirror again and said: ‘ OK, that will do!’

The taxi pulled away again sharply and he turned into a side road and then a little way down he found an alley way… Then he pulled over and turned the engine off then got out of his seat and got into the back next to me… The alley way was the rear of some large old terraced houses and the security light at the rear of the place we were almost parked outside illuminated the back of the taxi a little…

As soon as he climbed in next to me I could see how big he was! He was in his late thirties I would guess and VERY well built! He looked at the rings on my finger and asked: ‘Married?’ I replied that yes I was then he said: ‘Too bad… I ain’t wearing a condom…’ Then he reached over and pulled my coat open and then placed his HUGE hand over my left breast through my little black dress and squeezed it as he said: ‘ I like big titties…. Especially married big titties…’

I moved his hand away and took off my coat then straight away he pulled the top of my dress down and his huge hands scooped my 34G tits out over the top of my bra cups… As soon as his hand was back over my now exposed breast he leaned towards me so that I was pushed into the corner of the seat against the side of the taxi then he kissed me hard and started to pull and twist my nipples firmly as his huge tongue filled my mouth! I moved my hand down to the crotch of his jeans and felt the HUGE bulge which was already quite obvious then as I gently stroked him through the material of his jeans he moved his hand down to my knee and puled my legs wide open then he moved it straight up under the hem of my now stretched dress and cupped my pussy through my tiny little back lace thong…

I was using my hand now to cup his VERY impressive solid bulge as he stretched my little panties out of the way and with my legs WIDE open he pushed his very big middle finger straight into me and started to finger me hard! I was very wet already but he was fingering me so hard I was now sucking his tongue and pushing my tongue into his mouth too as I frantically pulled his zip down and slipped my fingers inside… I reached in through his zip and my fingers immediately touched his HUGE solid cock as he wasn’t wearing any underwear but as I tried to wrap my fingers around him he was so big that they wouldn’t reach all of the way around it!!!!!

The tip was quite small and bullet shaped compared to the HUGE girth of the shaft and as he lifted himself slightly on the seat I was able to open the button at the top of his zip and then his HUGE weapon sprang free and stood straight up! It was only about seven inches long at a guess but the base of his shaft was about as wide as my wrist! Oh my god!!!! No wonder he didn’t want to wear a condom, it wouldn’t have gone around him!!

He now had my panties stretched hard out of the way and his index finger was still stretching in and out of me VERY firmly and his thumb was now on my clit rubbing it from side to side too… I was now sopping wet and moaning loud! I circled his cock with my fingers (as well as I could… they wouldn’t reach all the way around) and I started to stroke him slowly as he sucked my nipples VERY hard then he pulled away from my breasts and said: ‘Lay down…’ but without opening the door and I knew that he couldn’t get into my comfortably that way anyway I just told him to sit up in the middle of the back seat and as I lifted the bottom of my dress up to my waist I climbed up onto him so that I was looking out through the back window of the taxi…

I reached down and held his HUGE solid cock and positioned myself so that I was straddling him with the tip of his cock just under me then I licked my hand and made the tip of his bullet shaped glans wet then I moved my sopping wet cunt down onto him! The shape of his cock helped a lot and the tip eased its way into me as I moved down and then as I rocked up and down to take more and more of it I could feel it stretching me as tightly as I have ever been stretched! Fraction of an inch by fraction of an inch I moved myself down onto him… My eyes closed and gasping! Then he put his hands on my hips to hold me and drove himself up into me firmly until every inch of him was inside and I was sitting properly on his lap! I could feel every pulse and spasm of his massive cock stretching inside me and just as I was getting used to it he started to move me up and down on him roughly with his huge strong hands and he pulled me towards him so that my big tits were in his face…

He sucked my nipples so hard like a huge vacuum suction pump that as he swapped from side to side they were now almost a full inch long! I closed my eyes and moved up and down in time with his hands faster and faster as I felt my first orgasm coming and as I started to gasp and cry out I closed my eyes and fucked him harder and harder like a whore in the back of his taxi and the powerful spasms of my orgasm making my muscles clench around him and I was aware of every single inch of his cock as it rammed in and out of me!

My orgasm passed and I opened my eyes just in time to see a guy walk past the end of the road… He could see that I was obviously fucking in the back of the taxi and my big tits were naked over my bra cups and bouncing up and down hard as the drivers hands made sure that the fucking didn’t slow down as he was getting closer and closer to cumming himself… The guy walking past looked but then kept walking either through shock or embarrassment I guess but I was now being bounced up and down harder and harder… My throbbing nipples aching they were as they were being sucked so hard now and I was pressing down harder and harder into his lap with every down stroke as I enjoyed ALL of his beautiful cock!

Rocking my hips now so that my clit was pressing against him I could feel my second orgasm coming… He was taking more and more of my breasts into his mouth as he sucked my nipples in deep… Then just as I shuddered and started to cum he pushed me back a little and his huge hands pulled me up and down harder and harder and he gasped as I felt HUGE floods of cum shoot hard DEEP into me! I must have counted six HARD jets of cum flood me then we just kept perfectly still catching our breath for a couple of minutes then he kissed me and said: ‘ You are fucking good…’ then he zipped himself up and got back into the drivers seat and as I adjusted my dress he drove me back around the corner to the hotel…

I watched the taxi drive away and then I put my coat back on and as I walked into the hotel I had to walk VERY carefully as I was a little tender… I felt VERY stretched and full of about a gallon of cum!! The taxi driver had taken my panties and hung them over his rear view mirror before driving off so I had to find out what room my husband was in from the receptionist and get a key card and then make my way to the lift VERY slowly and carefully…

As soon as I got to the fifth floor and found my husbands room I went in and found him sat on the bed working on his iPad and he looked up with a smile and said: ‘Ah great… I hope you are ready for sex… I have had a hard-on for over an hour!’

Oh… My… God! :-)

Sonia xx

Car sex…

2014-02-28 14.40

I have always LOVED ‘car sex’ ever since I can remember and I have been having fun in the back (and front) of cars since for over thirty years and I am happy to say that things have got a LOT better… :-)

The first time I had ‘full’ sex in a car was when a guy offered me a lift home from a nightclub back in about 1982 by a friend of a friend who had a Ford Escort (yes they were popular back then lol) and after a bit of a chat and a bit of persuasion (with his finger on my clit…) we got into the back and he ‘fucked me’ across the back seat… It was only a two door car so it was a bit of a squeeze and I ended up with my dress pulled up to my waist and pulled down under my bra and I lost my panties in the back of the car too!

It only lasted a few minutes so it wasn’t exactly a life changing experience but it was VERY exciting and I was in love with car/outdoor sex straight away!

Another time (in a Ford Escort again…) a couple of young guys parked up in the woods and had me squat down over the gear stick facing the back seat which was a but of a struggle and then slowly lower myself down onto the smooth plastic gear knob! That was VERY difficult and quite a stretch too!

Nowadays of course its much easier with the Range Rover as there is far more room and a LOT more comfort plus I get to have fun in the back with guys even while my husband is driving! I do still love to have fun in the back of other guys (often strangers) cars but now unless they have a car big enough to have REAL fun properly then I am just not interested.

Sonia xx